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Holy Grail!!!

This is literally the holy Grail of mineral sunscreens!!! I've tried numerous ones and this is by far the BEST!!! It doesn't burn my eyes, no white cast at all!! I love that it doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my skin. My skin can breathe while wearing this and it works wonders on protecting my skin from being sunburned!! Thank you for a truly amazing product!! 🙂

The BEST!!!

This is literally the BEST moisturizer I have ever tried!! The consistency is perfect, it's light,yet moisturizing,it doesn't leave my face shiny/oily looking and so far no breakouts from trying a new product! It has softened the texture of my skin and my skin is no longer dull looking! Keep up the good work Skinbuzz!!!

Good stuff!

It goes on like a dream! I’ve replaced my morning moisturizer with this. Not greasy, no white cast, just smooth and lovely. I’ve even reapplied mid-day over my makeup and it gives me a little re-fresh without weighing me down with product. Will be buying this stuff forever!

Wonderful hydrating moisturizer for dry skin

This product uses clean and organic ingredients. It is good for sensitive skin and feels very hydrating. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to improve and hydrate their skin.


I love this mask! It feels so luxurious and nourishing to my skin. I absolutely LOVE the ingredients, texture and feel and all of the amazing benefits! The price point is fantastic, and the best part is I am able to share it with my daughter.

Great for sensitive skin

I love this sunscreen because it’s really nice for very sensitive skin and rosacea.
No sticky feeling and no break outs.

The Best!

Super light, yet creamy! Keeps me fresh all day long.

My favorite daily sunscreen

My aesthetician recommended skin buzz sunscreen because it doesn’t cast my skin white and also doesn’t require a moisturizer over it because it is also nourishing. I love the way this feels on my skin while giving protection from the sun during my daily life.

Organic Sunscreen Is Fantastic

It’s a fantastic sunscreen for my oily blemish skin that I have been waiting for. It provides a satin matte finish.

Pre-Teen absolutely loves this product

My daughter, 12 years old, has been struggling with some small breakouts on her face. We thankfully discovered SkinBuzz and are absolutely thrilled with this product. I, as a Mom, feel good about her using these clean lotions/cleansers and her skin has improved so much (no spots at all). Truly, we are so happy with SkinBuzz and I can't recommend it enough.

I do t know why I stopped ordering this!

I went about two and a half months between running out of my sunscreen and ordering more. I don’t know why, laziness, perhaps. I finally realized that I can’t do without it. My face starts breaking out when I use other sunscreen. I hope I have learned my lesson. No more lapses!


Love this sunscreen so much! The consistency is great, blends right into my skin and feels more like a lotion than anything. Will definitely be buying more! Wish it came in a bigger size and (maybe spf 50 in the future 😍🙏🏻 ).

So soft

This stuff melts into my skin, leaves no residue, and as someone who has major sensory issues I LOVE the texture of this product and appreciate the no greasy residue factor. I look forward to opening the jar!

This mask is great!

I was really noticing the pores on my face when I put
foundation on. I ordered this mask, and the polish.
It really helped with the pores, and as a bonus, it calmed down the redness from rosacea. I love it!

Mask and scrub

I tried the mask and the scrub bee polish.
I have rosacea and I think it calmed down the red
In my face. I’m going to keep using it.
I’m very happy!!

Thank you so much for your review!

1st time trying

Found skin buzz from an IG add and decided to give it a try. So far love the product not stuck and does not leave a white cast. I did wish it came with either a little stick so I did not have to dip my fingers into the product or just came in like a squeeze out bottle however other then the packing its a love for me!

Great Sunscreen

I mix it with my skin tint and it works great! Thank you! I have sensitive skin and no breakouts!!!! So great plus!!

I love this lightweight sunscreeen.

Love it because even though it is white, it goes on clear. Perfect for me to wear under makeup. It's a mineral sunscreen that is SPF 30, so there is adequate protection. Plus, it's ocean safe and organic. Doesn't make me breakout either. What's not to love?

Love it!!

My daughter and I love this cleanser, she’s been using it about 2 or 3 years now. Going to continue to be a loyal customer!!

So glad you love it! Thank you

No breakouts!

First off, the owner Nicole is AMAZING! I had questions about the jar I got on Amazon and she went above and beyond to be helpful. I felt very valued as a customer.
And the sunscreen absolutely lived up to the hype! It has this incredible whipped texture and isn't greasy or chalky like most mineral sunscreen I've tried. (And I've tried literally dozens.) It's not at all tinted but still lightly blurs imperfections and leaves a smooth finish that's somewhere between matte and satin and isn't sticky. I have skin that pretty much breaks out if I look at it wrong and has a tendency towards congestion but I've been using this sunscreen for about 2 weeks now and have had no issues at all. I also love that it has the skin soothing and anti-aging peptides and propolis in it!
The only tips that I've discovered for best use are to put a light moisturizer on first then lightly let the sunscreen warm in my hands before spreading on my face. If I don't do both of those things it can catch in the tiny peach fuzz near my hairline and take some extra rubbing in to get it to disappear. But honestly even then it's nearly invisible after a few seconds of rubbing in.
Overall I'm so, so excited to have found this sunscreen! My face is already softer, smoother, and feels healthier after two weeks. This is a major find!

A Skin Treat!

Love the Sugar Face Polish! Perfect texture, dissolves beautifully and smells so good!

Light and smooth

Great product.
This is my second order and I love the feel of this sunscreen .
Great protection and makes my skin feel so soft.

Happy skin!

Really enjoying this sunscreen! It's whipped texture is uniquely satisfying, there is zero fragrance besides the natural scent of the ingredients used to formulate, and it absorbs quickly with no white cast or residual look of oiliness.
I have not tried it under make up (foundations, tinted moisturizers, or powders), so I can't attest to whether it causes any pilling, but it doesn't clog my pores so I'm happy to use it on a naked face daily.
I do like to apply a few drops of meadowfoam oil under it first as an added emollient (without a "primer" of sorts my skin feels a little tackier to the touch), but as long as I use a little something, my skin looks and feels great with this on. Will be repurchasing once I run out and wouldn't hesitate to gift it to friends and loved ones! :)

Clean Bee Organic Cleanser

I am 50 with very sensitive skin and I can use this product with no problem. It doesn't take much to get a great leather. It cleans my skin without drying my face out. I really enjoy this product and will buy it again.