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Happy skin!

Really enjoying this sunscreen! It's whipped texture is uniquely satisfying, there is zero fragrance besides the natural scent of the ingredients used to formulate, and it absorbs quickly with no white cast or residual look of oiliness.
I have not tried it under make up (foundations, tinted moisturizers, or powders), so I can't attest to whether it causes any pilling, but it doesn't clog my pores so I'm happy to use it on a naked face daily.
I do like to apply a few drops of meadowfoam oil under it first as an added emollient (without a "primer" of sorts my skin feels a little tackier to the touch), but as long as I use a little something, my skin looks and feels great with this on. Will be repurchasing once I run out and wouldn't hesitate to gift it to friends and loved ones! :)

Clean Bee Organic Cleanser

I am 50 with very sensitive skin and I can use this product with no problem. It doesn't take much to get a great leather. It cleans my skin without drying my face out. I really enjoy this product and will buy it again.

Organic Mineral Sunscreen

I have been on the hunt for a good organic sunscreen. This product has surpassed all my expectations! I am so glad I took a chance on this fantastic product!

The Best scrub I’ve used.

I really like this scrub! It leaves my skin smooth as can be and glowing! I have absolutely no negative after affects. It is in my shower and I use it every time! Three cheers for this one Skinbuzz!

Great product!

My teens love the toner and sunscreen!

Love my moisturizer

Creamy light… not heavy!!!

Gentle and effective👌🏽

I have acne prone skin that’s also very sensitive. This cleanser is one of my favorites, cleans well without over drying my skin. The scent is mild and the ingredients are great, 10 out of 10!!

LIMITED EDITION! The Skinbuzz Facial Kit
Ann Brooner
Teaching my 10 year old about skincare

My 10 year old son is starting to get clogged pores due to age, skincare and masks. I purchased the travel sized kit to test it out. It’s nice knowing what he’s putting on his young skin is organic and so clean. He’s been diligently doing the step every night asking from time to time for reminders on what’s next or how much to use. The redness has decreased and his pores are looking much happier! He’s happy, I’m happy! I just ordered larger bottles for continued use. Thanks so much!


Nice texture. Very smooth.

Lovely cleanser!

This cleanser cleans without making your face feel stripped! It has a light lemony scent and is in a decent sized bottle, it should last a long time! Love it

Super Nice Mineral Sunscreen

I love this sunscreen, I add a little bit of mineral powder foundation to it to give it a little bit of a tint. I massage it in well, no white cast, doesn't pill and doesn't cause breakouts! Will re purchase!

Buzz•Off Blemish Stick
A mom of a tween
Great for the tweens!

Switched to this product line for my 10 year old. Simple routine to learn. And as a bonus, the breakouts disappeared almost immediately and this positively reinforced the facial cleansing routine. She is back to her happy self and not worried about having to hide her face. Wish more people knew about this product!!!

Great Sunscreen

Been using this sunscreen for almost a year and I love it. I really hope they never change the ingredients or formula because it really is perfect the way it is.

Clean•Bee Organic Cleanser
Bernadette Cookson-Stone

Love the cleanser, light,non irritating for delicate skin

The Best

I truly love this SPF it goes on very light and smooth, no white residue, no sticky feeling. Applies well over other skin products or makeup and not toxic the ultimate plus of any product.

Feels great

I love the texture of this mask & how my skin feels the following day. The exfoliation is very gentle. The one thing I don’t love is the essential oils. The concentration seems a bit too strong and irritates my eyes the whole time the mask is on.

the buzz is real 🍯 🐝

great daily. i've tried a bunch of other sunscreens and this one tops them all. shout out to Skinbuzz, they hooked it up with toner too 🤙🏼

Using the sunscreen as we speak!

Love that it it’s made out of so many healthy ingredients, it’s non-greasy, doesn’t have any white marks, and it seems to work well as I haven’t been burned yet. I don’t spend too many hours in the sun at one time, but still it seems to work well.

At last!

This is the only facial sunscreen I have not wanted to wash off immediately. It is not tacky, leaves no oily glow, and doesn’t give me that weird tingly sensation on my skin. My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive to products so I always patch test first and try new things with fingers crossed but this did not cause any reactions. It feels lovely and has a kind of slippery/satiny feel going on and isn’t visible at all on my fair freckled skin. No scent either. Literally the only facial SPF I’m going to keep around.

Amazing, even over black tattoos

I found this company via a fb add and requested a sample. It came super fast and as soon as I tried it I knew I had found the one. Couldn’t buy a jar of this fast enough, it’s absolutely amazing.

Best of the best

I love the texture. I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks and my skin looks better than ever. I have really sensitive skin that gets red easily and these products work perfectly for me.


I love how light the suncreen goes on!

Great Product

Super happy with the purchase. The mask and cleanser are fantastic!

Best Sunscreen Application Experience

I have never used a sunscreen with such a unique consistency! It is whipped and applies so smoothly. This is the only sunscreen I’ve used that makes me excited to apply to my body. You LITERALLY do not feel it on your skin. Not sticky, not shiny, feels like your skin but better. If you do not wear makeup or have oily skin, this is fantastic as a facial sunscreen. My skin is not oily so this can get a bit dry under makeup application even with moisturizer underneath (reason for 4 and not 5 stars) but great for no makeup days. Teens with oily skin will love this. I have sensitive skin and this is very gentle. Doesn’t sting or break me out. Will repurchase mainly for daily body application. Would love a larger size! 🙏🏻

LIMITED EDITION! The Skinbuzz Facial Kit
Mike Sullivan
Great Gift Ideas

I give these out as thank you gifts and I always get a great response. :)