Skinbuzz products are made with healthy, healing, all-organic, non-GMO ingredients, sustainably sourced from the world of bees. We thank the bees by donating a portion of our profits to bee-friendly organizations and we are cruelty-free.

     As an esthetician, acne specialist and mom, I am often asked for recommendations for kid and teen-friendly skin care products. I’ve never had a good answer, until now.  Youthful skin is delicate, sensitive and acne-prone. We want to fight acne before it even starts which means pore-clogging ingredients are a big N-O. The products would have to be gentle, healing and truly organic, unlike most brands claiming to be organic that only include one or two organic ingredients. They also had to be cruelty-free and made from safe, sustainably harvested, non-GMO ingredients.  I scoured the market for such a line but I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. So…I created my own, with the help of my daughter Sofia.  How could I create a skincare line for kids without my favorite kid’s input?

     Knowing how important it is to develop a solid skin-care regimen early on, my goal was to create products with the needs of young skin in mind, products my daughter would want to use.  The result is Skinbuzz, a line of skin-care products that feel good, smell good and make kids WANT to take care of their skin because clean, natural skin care is really all anyone needs. With Skinbuzz product line, it’s easier than ever to pass on the ritual of great skincare to the next generation.